Dairy Development Department, Punjab

The Dairy Development Department was set up in the year 1964 by separating it from the Animal Husbandry Department with the objective of overall development of dairying in the State. At the district level Dy. Director Dairy is the Head of the District and is responsible for carrying out the departmental functions in the district viz. providing education, training and extension services to the dairy farmers and prospective dairy farmers to motivate them assist them to establish mini and commercial dairy farm by raising loans from the financial institutions and to adopt latest techniques of dairy farming. Milk consumer awareness camps are also organized by the District Heads in various cities/towns of the district in which free facility for testing milk are provided to the consumers. This arouses awareness among the milk consumers about the quality of milk they buy.

Major Activities

Training & Education:

Department runs training programmes to improve the knowledge and build the capacity of dairy farmers and prospective dairy farmers at its nearby two Dairy Training & Extension Centres, (Chatamli, Sangrur and Bija). Main training programmes are:-

  • One day Dairy Training in Village Level Camps.
  • 2 weeks Dairy Training Course.
  • 2 weeks Dairy Training for SC Beneficiaries
  • 6 weeks Dairy Entrepreneurship Training

Milk Consumer Awareness Programme:-

  • Camps are ogranised in the cities and towns with the help of mobile laboratories equipped with automatic milk analyzer
  • Milk samples brought by the consumers are tested free of cost and results are given in black & white. The objective of the programme is to use milk consumer awareness as a tool to combat the menace of adulteration.

Proliferation of Dairy Farms:

  • Prospective Dairy Farmers are assisted in raising loans.
  • About 200 new dairy units are got established every year.

New Programmes Introduced:

  • Incentives are given on Self Propelled Forage Cutter, Fodder Harvester, Automatic Mixing & Feeding Unit (Total Mixed Ration Wagon), Automatic Milk Dispensing Units to encourage mechanization of dairy farming. 50,000/- subsidy on Fodder Harvesters for Gen category and 63,000/- for SC Category.

Incentives under Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Schemes( NABARD):

The scheme of “NABARD on Dairy Entrepreneurship Development” is launched by the Centre Govt. In this scheme Dairy units of 2 to 10 Milch animals are established cost of Rs. 1.20 lakh to 6.00 Lakh. In this scheme also Rearing of heifer calves-cross bred, indigenous descript milch breeds of cattle and buffaloes upto 20 calves cost of Rs. 5.30 Lakh, Purchase of Milking machines/ Milkotesters/ Bulk Milk Cooling Units (upto 5000 lit) cost of Rs. 20 Lakh, Purchase of dairy processing equipment for manufacturing of indigenous milk products cost of Rs. 26.50 Lakh,Cold Storage Facilities for milk and milk products cost of Rs. 33 Lakh and Dairy Marketing outlet/Dairy parlor cost of Rs. 1.00 Lakh are also given. 25% subsidy for General category and 33% subsidy for SC/ST beneficiaries is given by NABARD on all the components listed above.

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