Economy of the District


Out of geographical area of 3, 72,000 hectares in Patiala district, 3, 03,000 hectares (81%) is cultivable. 93% of the area is irrigated through tubewells and 3% by canals. The crop density of the district. is 197%. There are 62,090 agricultural families in the district. Wheat, barley, paddy, maize and sugarcane are major crops of the district. To break the wheat-paddy cycle, contract-farming has been started in the district by the Agriculture Department and PAFC for the crops like basmati, maize, pulses, barley etc. Agriculture is the single most important economic activity in the district. With over 65% of the population living in rural areas, 38% the population depends on agriculture either as laborers (17%) or cultivators (21%).


Patiala is fast emerging as an important industrial growth centre on the industrial map of the state. besides traditional goods, high quality and sophisticated items are now produced including small cutting tools, power cables, Vanaspati ghee, bicycles and agriculture implements including harvester combines and threshers, milk products, pesticides etc. The industrial units are scattered all over the district mainly at Rajpura, Dera bassi, Patiala, Samana and Nabha. There are large and medium industrial units located at Rajpura producing Vanaspati ghee, power cables, bicycles and bicycle components and at Dera bassi producing spun-yarn and alcohol. Among the small scale industry in the district are those producing agriculture implements, rice shellers, cutting tools, electrical goods and bakeries. There are Industrial Focal Points at Patiala, Rajpura, Nabha and Dera bassi and three Industrial Estates at Rajpura, Patiala and banur.